Saturday 9 March 2019

Dziergowice, Flak-Großbatterie

During World War II, German units were stationed in the Dziergowice area. These units were part of the Luftwaffe air defense system. 

The soldiers were responsible for the handling of the FuMG-65 terrestrial radar. FuMG 65 Würzburg-Riese ("the Great Würzburg"), which had a 7.4 m antenna and a transmitter with a range of up to 70 km. FuMG 65 were installed in permanent ground stations, which were built around 1500. Currently, the radar base can be found in the village of Dziergowice. 

Radar cooperated with a battery of stationary anti-aircraft guns FlaK 39 (10.5 cm). You can still find the concrete foundations for these guns.

The radar base of  FuMG-65
The concrete foundations of FlaK 39 (10.5 cm)


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