Sunday 24 March 2019

Ruins of the forestry building in Stara Kuźnia

In the village of Stara Kuźnia, one can come across little-known ruins of the forestry building. The building is standing by the road and you can look there. The ruins are in a very bad condition: no roofs and windows, actually only bricks. Here you can see a photo of the building from 1920-1930. 

The village was from 1782 as part of the family estate of the princely family von Hohenlohe. The Hohenloe family led to a significant economic development of acquired goods and introduced a rational policy of obtaining for the timber industry. The forests have been divided into divisions to be able to properly control tree felling for the needs of industry. To ensure convenient forest management in 1876, in the middle of the forest complex, on the outskirts of the village of Stara Kuźnia, buildings were erected and these ruins were probably from this period.

 Ruins of the forestry building

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