Sunday, 17 March 2019

One Day Route: Hiking Loop around Wisła Malinka

We start the route from the parking lot at Small Dam (Mała Zapora). It starts here with a yellow trail that goes up near Malinka Ski Jumping Hill, then through the small village of Cieńków. Earning the Cieńków Wyżni and Gawlas peak, we head for Salmopol Pass. Here we have two options or a green and red route through Malinowska Skała. I chose the second option by walking next to the source of the Malinka stream. From the Salmopol Pass again along the yellow trail through the peaks of Jaworzyna, Smrekowiec return to the parking lot. The route is approximately 28 km long and should take less than 7 hours.

Climbing the yellow route to the village of Cieńków
Cieńków Wyżni peak
The source of the Malinka stream
Surroundings of the Jaworzyna and Smerekowiec peaks


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