Sunday 17 February 2019


Danjiri refers to a wooden structure with wheels that people can pull around the city. It also usually has two roofs, one large small, looking like a traditional roof of the Shinto temple. I managed to see a few of such vehicles while visiting Osaka Castle in Taiyo-no-Hiroba Park. You can also see them during various celebrations.


Thursday 14 February 2019

Osaka Castle, Otemon Gate’s Pillar Splice

Osaka Castle-Otemon Gate’s pillar splice (Osaka-jo-otemon-hikae-bashira-tsugite) - Japanese technique of joining two wooden elements without using nails. The lower part of the pillars has been repaired and reinforced with the traditional technique of removing damaged areas and filling cavities by joining new pieces of wood. At first glance, this combination seems impossible to do.

Osaka Castle-Otemon Gate’s Pillar Splice
Osaka Castle, Otemon Gate



Sunday 10 February 2019

One Day Route: Caldera de Bandama - Playa de La Laja

A proposal for a Gran Canaria one-day tour starting in Roque Nublo and ending in El Bufadero de la Garita:

1. Caldera de Bandama
El Pico de Bandama
2. Jardín Canario
The giant lizard of Gran Canaria
3. Playa de La Laja