Sunday, 10 March 2019


Palowice is a village located in the province of Silesia. The southern areas of the village are known as the Palowickie Lake District. There are big ponds here in the valley of the Jesionka stream. The biggest ones include Jesionka, Łanuch, and Garbocz. Apart from them, there are also smaller ponds in Palowice. 

On the path to the ponds, you can meet a wooden cross with a statue of Christ and Our Lady of Sorrows. It is a cross of thanksgiving, erected by local workers (the so-called "gichciarze"), the nearby "Waleska" smelter, after which only the so-called gichta, or batch tower, remained in Łaucha today. In the mid-nineteenth century, one day the workers returned home from work, a terrible thunderstorm met them. The men stopped and began praying, pleading for the survival of the storm and a happy return to their homes. When the storm calmed down, and they survived it without any damage to health, they decided that their prayers were answered. Therefore, they decided to place a cross here, in thanks for surviving during a terrible storm. An interesting fact may be that the figure of Christ bears traces of shots fired during the siege by Polish-Soviet troops of nearby Żory in January 1945.

The rain thwarted me the trip plans and there are many more things in Palowice. I'm going to come back here a warmer season and tell more about this interesting village.

The Palowickie Lake District
The beginning of the route and parking space
The wooden cross


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