Sunday 7 April 2019

Commemorative stones of the Lasy Rudzkie (Part I)

Lasy Rudzkie hides interesting stories. Some of them are contained in commemorative stones that can be found close to the paths. During this trip, I managed to find three of them.

The first stone commemorates the hunt for wild boars from 1780. The hunted boar had a weight of five hundredweight or above 200 kg.

The "Dzik 5 Cetnarów" stone

The "Dziewcze Groby" stone - a place according to local legends - the tragic death of three girls returning from the event in Rudy to Łan.

The "Dziewcze Groby" stone
The "Orły" stone lies at the place of emergency collections of Polish insurgent units. This place is a characteristic system of roads, which is associated primarily with the emblem of Poland.

The "Orły" stone


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