Friday 7 September 2018

Playa de San Andrés

Playa de San Andrés is located in the north of Gran Canaria in the province of Las Palmas. The beach is visited mainly by the inhabitants of the northern part of the island, and despite the strong winds and strong waves, it is ideal for a quiet and relaxing day, away from the noise of the city. 

The beach has a mix of black and yellow sand, stones and rocks. The amount of sand we see depends on the currents of the wind and the season. It is a beach with a length of almost half a kilometer, with a large promenade where you can walk and admire the beautiful scenery and sunsets. If you are a born surfer or want to start a surfing sport, this beach is just for you.

Type: Pebble & Sandy
Services: No

Playa de Playa San Andrés


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