Sunday 16 December 2018

One Day Route: Hiking Loop around Malinowski Stream

We start the route from the parking lot in the village of Ostre, where the blue, yellow and green routes begin. I started climbing the blue trail towards Skrzyczne. There is a mountain shelter on Skrzyczne and you can relax here. We continue our walk along the green route towards Malinowska Skała. Just after this point, we turn left onto the yellow trail and after a few kilometers, we return to the parking lot.

The route is around 18 km long and should take about 5 hours. A longer version of this route can be found here.

Hiking Loop around the Malinowski Stream
On the way to Skrzyczne (blue route)
Mountain shelter on Skrzyczne 
On the way to Malinowska Skała (green route)
Yellow route


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